Horse Racing in Mauritius - Champ de Mars Racecourse

When you want to see the second oldest turf club in the world and watch some thrilling thoroughbred horse racing then the perfect Mauritius attraction for you is the Champs de Mars Racecourse. Located in the capital city of Port Louis along the western shoreline of the island, the Champs de Mars Racecourse is situated east of the Town Centre and was inaugurated in 1812 by the Mauritius Turf Club which is the oldest turf club in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the second oldest worldwide.

A day at the races here is spectacular for guests with great grandstand seats for viewing and there are plenty of races between mid-March thru mid-December for patrons to place a wager. The races on run on a 1298m track that offers a width of 11m-13m for the horses to navigate which limits the field to eleven horses per race. Races are run at distances from 990m to 2400m with the most famous distance being the Draper Mile at 1500m. During the racing season attendance is around 7,000 spectators per day and there a few must see races which include the Maiden Cup as well as the Duchess of York Cup which can draw upward to 100,000 patrons.
There are different options available to you for attending the horse races:

1. Free Access

a. La Plaine - There is an open area on the lawn known as 'La Plaine' which is available to all public for free. If you wish to experience the typical Mauritian mood at the races, then you may choose to attend the races there. However it is normally crowded, so it may prove not to be quite enjoyable for all.

2. Paid Access (The below tickets are to be purchased on the day of the races directly at the Champ de Mars) These are better fitted for those who wish to be more at ease and have a some privacy.

a. Stand (This option is free for the ladies but payable for the gents at Rs 200 the ticket) (The space is shared with other people who have purchased the tickets) (No Dress Code)
b. Crossed out card (carte barrée) : The tickets are at Rs 350 per person (This is a more private space with less people) (Dress code: Casual Smart)
c. Paddock:  The tickets are at Rs 350 per person (From here you will be able to see the horses closer and the horse owners (Dress Code: Smart)