11 Must-See Waterfalls in Mauritius

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Many travellers visiting Mauritius are amazed at the beauty of the island and the unique attractions that dot our volcanic island laced with a lush green landscape. One of the more beautiful items on the island is the various waterfalls that you can visit. These tumbling columns of water are candy for eyes and they are all surrounded by a lush tropical landscape.

Here is a list of the must see waterfalls in Mauritius while you are on the island


Waterfalls in West Mauritius

1. Chamarel Waterfall

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Chamarel Waterfall

In the western part of the island you will find Chamarel Waterfall which plunges 100m down an overhang of volcanic rocks that are thought to be 8-10 million years old. If you are at Seven Coloured Earths you can choose to view the waterfall from the platform or you can take a short hike through the lush tropical environment for a quick dip in the refreshing water hole at the bottom of the falls.

2. Cascade 500 Pieds

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Cascade 500 FeetNext you can visit Cascade 500 Pieds and Alexandra Falls which are located along the southern boundary of Black River Gorges National Park. Both waterfalls are accessed from the same parking lot where you will take a short roundtrip hike of less than 1.5-hours to Cascade 500 Pieds. Once at the falls you can gaze out over the landscape while the sounds of the tumbling water soothe your weary mind.


3. Alexandra Falls

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls are much easier to see where you can peer out into the lush tropical environment from a viewing platform and watch the incredibly clear blue water cascade down into the abyss of the green landscape.


Waterfalls in South Mauritius


4. Rochester Falls

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Rochester Falls

Further south near Souillac you will find Rochester Falls which has been featured in numerous Bollywood movies. Set in a lush jungle atmosphere these falls offer a 10m drop over some of the most incredible serrated rectangular blocks of rock. Don’t forget to take a picnic when you stop to view this superb waterfall.

5. Exil Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Exil Waterfalls

Not far from Souillac, island travellers can indulge in the natural beauty of Exil Lodge before their eyes pop with joy when you get a glimpse of Exil Waterfalls. Not only will you cherish the swimming opportunities at this tropical playground of cascading waters but the wildlife sightings may be some of the best on the island for you to see.

6. Eau Bleue Waterfall

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Eau Bleue Waterfall

In the southeast portion of the island near Cluny travellers can feast their eyes on perfect turquoise waters of Eau Bleue Waterfall as they cascade downward into an awesome pool. There are three waterfalls here which are Cascade Plateau, Cascade Disab and Cascade Mamzel. Most adventurers only make the trip to Cascade Mamzel where you find really deep clear blue water in the pool.


7. La Vallée des Couleurs Waterfalls

La Vallée des Couleurs is a beautiful nature park which you can visit in the south of the island. The park is home to four amazing waterfalls namely: The Chamouzé waterfall, Vacoas waterfall, Bois de Natte waterfall, Cheveux d’Ange waterfall.

The Chamouzé waterfall
La Vallee des couleurs Waterfalls - The Chamouze
You will be attracted to this wonderful vertical waterfall while engaging on a trail across the park by the beautiful sound of water falling. There is a safe footstep to access the waterfall and enjoy its breath taking view.

Vacoas waterfall
Vacoas Waterfall at La Vallee des Couleurs
The Vacoas waterfall owes its name to one of the famous endemic plant of Mauritius, the Vacoas; these plants can be found nearby the waterfall. You will have access to the Vacoas waterfall through the pedestrian or quad trails across the park. The paths lead to a kiosk. From there you can admire a magnificent view of the south of the island soothed by the sound of falling water. The water goes down rapidly on the horizontal basalt rocks and ends up in a pool where you can enjoy a dip.

Bois de Natte waterfall
Bois de Natte waterfall at La Vallee des couleurs
The Bois de Natte and Vacoas waterfalls are connected. How? The pool of water (river) into which the water of the Vacoas waterfall falls, stays still within a few meters then dips into another spectacular waterfall ahead. This waterfall known as the Bois de Natte Fall is higher and deeper than the Vacoas fall. Here again the waterfall has been named after an endemic plant; the Bois de Natte, you will surely come across this plant during your visit in the park.

Cheveux d’Ange waterfall
Cheveu d'Ange Waterfall at La Vallee des Couleurs
This one is quite what we can call a private waterfall as it is located in the heart of the forest and is accessible by quads and buggies. The water falling will remind you of a lady whose carefully combed hair is falling on her shoulders. Hence the name “ Cheveux d’Ange” which means “Hair of an Angel” in French. You can take a dip there and enjoy the water plunge.


Waterfalls in the Centre of Mauritus


8. Eureka Waterfall

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Eureka Waterfall

In the central portion of the island Eureka Waterfalls in Moka is an easy find. These three gorgeous waterfalls sit directly behind the beautifully restored Eureka Mansion. Travellers can spend some time indulging in the historic mansion which is surrounded by a fantastic botanical garden. The first two waterfalls are an easy walk down a steep incline. The third waterfall named Bassin Diable requires a short challenging hike to get to the falls which offer tranquillity for all that seek to watch the cascading waters. The scenery and serenity found at these waterfalls is truly worth your time.

9. Tamarind Fall (Sept Cascades Waterfall)

Waterfalls in Mauritius - Tamarind Falls

Located just north of Black River Gorges National Park near Henrietta travellers can experience the wonders of Tamarin Fall also known as Sept Cascades. Here adventurers will find eleven stunning falls including one that has a 60m drop over a spectacular cliff that is laced with tropical vegetation. You will need to come prepared for a hike through the dense green forest as this is the only way to get to these eye popping falls.​


Waterfalls in East Mauritius

10. Grand River South East Waterfall

Waterfalls in Mauritius - GRSE Waterfall

Grand River South East Waterfall is usually combined on a day trip to Ile aux Cerfs. Located on the southeast portion of the island this waterfall features tumbling water over huge basalt blocks within a surreal tropical landscape. You may come across the sight of wild monkeys, bats, endemic birds across the forests surrounding this region.


11. Underwater waterfall Le Morne

Underwater Waterfall at Le Morne
Last but not least we have the famous underwater waterfall near Le Morne Peninsula. It is not a real waterfall but rather an optical illusion which appears as an underwater waterfall from above.