Best Restaurants in Bel Ombre

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Mauritius team

As you would most certainly expect, being on an island, a large number of restaurants are located on the beaches, each offering a huge variety of delicious cuisines to tempt your taste buds and in bonus offering you a magnificent ocean view. What better way to immerse yourself in a new culture, than to taste its cuisine. We have local as well as international restaurants offering unmatched gourmet cuisine in the Indian Ocean. A multitude of international restaurants are found at hotels and resorts, some of which are led by famous chefs. Most of the hotels and resorts offer the possibility to non-residents of the hotel as well to book for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

The island also has plenty of dining options where you can try the varied and delicious local Mauritian cuisine, at affordable prices. For example more traditional little restaurants or as we call them here ‘snacks’ are present all around the island where you can eat a bite while being on the go. Enjoy a great dining experience in any of the trendy Mauritius restaurants offering, amongst others, fusion dishes, Indian cuisine, and seafood specialties.