Seven Coloured Earths at Chamarel

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La Terre 7 Couleurs

One of the most unique Mauritius attractions which combine mystery, beauty and geologic wonders is the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth and is a must see for all travellers. Located in the southwest portion of the island near Chamarel, the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth is a gorgeous geologic phenomenon that features the transformation of basalt rock into clay minerals that display seven different colours.

The Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth occupies a small section of land and exhibits sand dunes which display brown, violet, red, yellow, purple blue as well as green sands. The colours of the sand are brought about by the iron and aluminium oxides that reside in the soil. Due to the chemical composition the coloured sands separate themselves from each which leaves each colour to stand alone in the shimmering light of the sun. One of the best times of the day to see this natural wonder is sunrise when the sands seem to melt into each other forming a canvas of pastel beauty.

An interesting side note about the sand dunes is that the dunes never seem to wash away even during torrential tropical downpours which may leave some people thinking that these are fossilised sand dunes.

You can walk around the site but Patrons are not allowed to walk into the area. There is plenty of space on the observation decks and even a small playground for children.

There is a small snack and shop at the viewpoint of the Seven coloured earths. If you are around don't miss out on the Rhumerie de Chamarel which is a few metres away next to the entrance to the site (left). There is also the Chamarel waterfalls nearby.

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 9hrs30 - 17hrs30
(Last entry 16hrs)

Entrance fee: (same tariff for both residents and non residents) 
Adult MUR 375
Children (3-12 years) MUR 225

Contact number: (230) 483 4200