Regatta (Pointe des Régates, Mahebourg)

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Hmm you are surely asking yourself what is it all about?

A regatta is a competition where there are one or more races of either traditional rowed or sailed boats (known locally as pirogue), it is a colourful ballet of boats for the eyes. There may be different categories, depending on the size of the boats. Each boat (pirogue) comprises of a team for the competition. These competitions dates back to 1874. They form part of old traditions and have been taking place for a long time in Mauritius. It started in the south of the island, thanks to the initiative of some sailing enthusiasts. At that time the races were so popular that special trains were organised to allow the public to attend the event. Unfortunately lately they had been abandoned for some years, but thanks to some associations they are now being organized again almost every year.

The regattas are typically held for the amateurs to meet and share moments with other sea lovers, and general promotion of the sport. The event is a great opportunity for popular gathering. It is usually accompanied by social and promotional activities making it like a family day out with activities and discovery for everyone. The regatta is usually named after the town or venue where the event takes place. Though there have been different venue throughout the years, the icon remains the one at Pointe des Régates.

‘Pointe des Regates’ is located in Mahebourg, where we now have the Mahebourg waterfront. It surely derives its name from the regatta itself as ‘regates’ in French is regatta. The inhabitants of Mahebourg are proud of this event which is a celebration day. Most of the fishermen in the locality consider the regatta as a must attend. You can see the popularity of the event by the crowd gathering on the shore on that day. A great show awaits you with bright colours of the sails flying over the lagoon and the Lion Mountain in the background. On the shore the supporters cheer for their teams while on the boats the skippers show full concentration while heading towards the finish line.

The day normally ends with the prize giving ceremony and a concert with local artists to the sound of vibrant sega tunes.

So head for the regatta. Don't miss it!