Pont Naturel (Natural Bridge)

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If you love nature, Pont Naturel in the south of Mauritius is an exciting place to visit, it a place where you can see some of the most beautiful rock structures. The name Pont Naturel can be literally translated in English as 'Natural Bridge'. As you see it you will understand why, as the rocks act as a natural bridge on the sea. It is beautiful, with water making a smashing noise as it gushes under a rounded rock structure. This attracts a lot of locals and tourists.

Pont Naturel is situated in close proximity of Mauritius airport and Le Bouchon. The lovely landscape, built by hanging cliffs on your right and left, forming an incredible natural bridge, offers you an unforgettable view. Watch out for the waves showering you with drops of water!

Pont Naturel is a wonderful place to explore.  Make sure you take your camera to capture the natural beauty of the rock and wave formations. The natural scenery at Pont Naturel is itself striking, with lush green landscape making the surroundings more beautiful.

However, if you are an adventure sport lover, Pont Naturel is not the place for swimming, surfing, diving, kayaking, scuba diving, or any other water sports activity, because the sea here is rough and too dangerous for any such water activity.
There is no public transport, such as a bus service, to reach Pont Naturel. If you plan to visit this outstanding natural place, you must make your own arrangements to get there using a private vehicle or hiring a car.

How to get there
From the Airport round about, take direction of Le Chaland and Le Bouchon.
Turn Right to go to Le Bouchon

You will pass through a small temple and you will see an old sign indicating Pont Naturel and after a few kilometres, you will find a second one.

You will find a junction where you need to turn left to take the rocky road where you will find several signs on Stones. It is not far but you will have to drive slowly due to road conditions. It will take you around 15-20 mins to reach the destination.

Do not hesitate to ask people for directions and better to mention Pont Naturel rather than Natural Bridge when asking for information.