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Shopping in Mauritius is a discovery of the historic heritage of the different cultures which have settled on the island through the years. From shops selling worldwide known brands to shops selling traditional outfits and products of the different cultures on the island, you will be amazed by the colours, beauty and diversity of the products. You will encounter different shopping experiences from shopping in large modern shopping malls to duty-free shops and traditional and craft markets where you may have many items at bargain prices. More uniquely there are also some regions where you still have hawkers selling different items including artisanal products on the streets or on the beach. You will also find great souvenirs to bring back to your home from your vacations.

Both traditional arts and crafts, and branded luxury products, can be found in towns and along the coast of Mauritius. Most shopping malls offer clothes, jewellery, shoes, and leisure activities like bars, restaurants, and cinemas. A traditional market is a must-see for its diversity of scents, colours and tropical fruits. The country is already well known as being a manufacturer of quality textile. unique It is also renowned for its diamonds and wide range of hand crafts such as: model boats, wooden art and many more.

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