Ile aux Benitiers

You might come across dolphins in their natural environment

Ile aux Benitiers is situated in the south west of Mauritius, approximately 1.5 km west from the village of La Gaulette. Though it is state owned, the islet has been leased since 1927.

The islet, which has been formed by coral reef covers an area of 65.42 ha. It is the sixth largest offshore islet in Mauritius, behind Flat Island (253 ha), Round Island (169 ha), Ile aux Cerfs (168 ha), Ile d’Ambre (137 ha) and Gunner’s Quoin (76 ha).

The islet was formerly known as Ile du Morne, certainly because Le Morne peninsula is situated only a few kilometers away. Subsequently the islet became known as Ile aux Bénitiers. This appears to stem from a confusion; In the 19th Century it was the two small coralline islets to the west of Ile du Morne which were called ‘Les Bénitiers’. They are now known as the famous 'Crystal Rock' being one of the most instagrammed pics of Mauritius. With time Ile du Morne became known as Ile aux Benitiers rather. It is also believed to have been used as a quarantine posts for vessels in the 18th century.

Ile aux Benitiers is now a popular tourist excursion site. There is not much to do on the island itself apart relax and eat / drink but while travelling to the islet by boat, you might be lucky enough to come across dolphins in their natural environment. The breathtaking views of the Le Morne Brabant Mountain, the Crystal Rock and endless blue ocean will leave you spellbound. It also offers a safe site for snorkelers. After all is it not the journey rather than the destination which we should enjoy? Get the most of this tropical atmosphere with some fresh coconut water.

There are different boat tours available to access Ile aux Benitiers. Book early if you want to enjoy the beauty of this Island, since it is one of the most popular attractions here.