Flic en Flac

Lying on the west coast of Mauritius, Flic en Flac beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The surrounding area is well developed with many amenities for visitors to enjoy including shops, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, casino, health centres, banks, bars and nightclubs.
Flic en Flac is an ideal place to have family picnics, while staying in the shadow of the Casuarina trees (locally known as Filao trees) scattered along the white sand coastline. If you want a beach paradise for your holiday destination, Flic en Flac beach is likely to be your dream destination! One thing you shouldn’t miss on the Flic en Flac beach is to explore the beach looking for on-shore corals, shells, and sea urchins, this is the opportunity to collect some souvenirs to bring back home. Flic en Flac is also one of the favorite beaches for those who enjoy camping. Many people come with their tents for traditional camping during week-ends especially during festive seasons like the year end and Easter. This is the perfect occasion for you to enjoy the Mauritian folklore at the seaside. It has all the usual facilities of a public beach in Mauritius, such as restrooms, showers and police patrol near the beach area giving visitors a sense of security.

Flic en Flac beach has a shallow reef protected lagoon.  Swimming in the wonderful turquoise blue water is a perfect way to spend your day and relax. However look out for the signs before going for a swim since there are designated swimming areas. This will keep you safe as there are places where there are sometimes very strong currents. There are spots where there are a few corals and sea urchins in the water that is why some prefer to wear swimming shoes. You can also enjoy the 8 km long beach for great afternoon walks, water sports and sun bathing. Water sports enthusiasts will find this beach ideal for diving, kayaking and snorkelling, but unfortunately Flic en Flac is not appropriate for activities such as windsurfing, surfing and kite surfing. This is because the wind is generally mild and high waves non-existent. The beach near ‘Villa Caroline’ hotel sports a beachvolley net, however non hotel residents also may use it if they wish to enjoy a match. On the public beach there are also sunbeds and umbrellas which are available for rent for those who wish to avail a little more comfort.

There are a few nice restaurants offering a variety of different specialities ranging from local, indian to Chinese food along the coastal road. There are also some bars where you may spend quality time with your friends or family drinking some cocktails and chilling. All along the beach, you can also find a number of little food caravans where you can have a whole lot of different types of food at cheap prices. There are also caravans selling clothes and accessories.

The west coast is a perfect place to watch a picture-postcard sunset. Flic en Flac beach is one of the best sunset viewing spots in Mauritius. As the day draws to a close, the sun melts into the purple horizon and fills the sky with swathes of orange, yellow and red hues. The place is perfect for sundowners. This is an exquisite opportunity to finish up the day, lazing on the white sand beach whilst sipping a cocktail and admiring the sunset.